Commissioned Pet Portraits

by Bruce Block Photography


I will turn a picture of your pet into a fun, unique piece of art. A perfect way to memorialize a loved pet. Please contact me for more details. 


Prices start at $39.95 for a digital download or $89.95 for canvas prints. Artwork typically completed in 1-2 weeks with expedited completion available. Other printing/framing options available. 


I am so sure that you will love the portrait, that you pay nothing until completely satisfied with how the portrait looks. You can choose from a variety of styles or have me choose what I think will work best. I will work with you through the process to ensure your portrait will be treasured for years to come.  


Please explore some of the previous portraits I have made:



Many Style Options


Wood or Bark Textures

Wood CatWeathered Wood Cat DogDog

Wood CatWeathered Wood Cat DogDog

DogDog CatCat
CatCat DogDog

Painting Style

Wood CatWeathered Wood Cat PussycatPussycat
DogDog Wood CatWeathered Wood Cat

2 Dogs and a Cat2 Dogs and a Cat DogDog


Jupiter Style

Bearded Dragon LizardBearded Dragon Lizard CatCat DogDog CatCat


Rocks and Minerals

DogDog CatCat

DogDog DogDog Crystal CatCrystal Cat

Other Textures

CatCat DogDog CatCat catcat CatCat City CatCity Cat


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